Uncover the key to cross-platform, audience-first media buying 

Winterberry forecasts US ATV identity solutions spend to surpass $5 billion by 2026 

Complexity is a defining characteristic of advanced TV (ATV) media. Fragmentation of viewing audiences, media ownership, content delivery and advertising delivery paths to the viewer are all challenges to taking an audience-first media approach.

Winterberry Group’s latest research, Outlook for Identity in Advanced Television: Challenges and Opportunities, explores the challenges advertisers, platforms, publishers and data owners face in the ATV ecosystem. These challenges are  especially timely as media buyers are rapidly increasing adoption of ATV advertising to extend reach, precisely target segments and enhance measurement and optimization.

As the influence of advanced TV in data-driven advertising grows, identity — and particularly household identity — is sure to play a role in supporting the planning, activation and measurement of audience-first media strategies in television advertising.

Download the research (sponsored in part by TransUnion) to learn how ATV buyers, sellers and intermediaries are expected to work together to create an ecosystem less characterized by complexity and instead by interoperability and collaboration.