Precise Audience Targeting for OTT & Streaming Audio 

Data and targeting consult for streaming media advertising

The TruAudience® Data Marketplace is the definitive destination for those who buy and sell the third-party segments powering media targeting on connected TV, streaming audio and in-game advertising.  

The precision-tuned, three-dimensional view of identity powering the Data Marketplace is built to optimize audience-based advertising and maximize streaming  media campaign performance.  

Build your target audience from first-party data and a library of over 35,000 syndicated segments, ranging from demographics to auto intenders, lifestyle groups, purchase behavior, political party affiliation and more. 

TruAudience Data Marketplace is a privacy-conscious, end-to-end solution for executing high-fidelity,  audience-targeted streaming and omnichannel campaigns with consistency and scale. 


  • Greater reach: Our scaled, three-dimensional view of identity and interoperability across identifiers drive high match rates, producing target segments typically much larger than the same datasets matched to legacy digital targeting platforms. 
  • An accurate view: Our patented, multikeyed household graph is built for streaming and reconciled daily against our view of 80 million connected US households.
  • Speed: Our proprietary technology makes it easy to securely onboard first-party data and create bespoke at-scale audiences quickly — often in hours, not days or weeks. 
  • Connectivity: We’ve partnered with top data providers to become the most widely distributed marketplace for audience-based targeting across streaming TV, audio and gaming. 

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