$20 billion will be spent on U.S.

Streaming Media Advertising THIS Year

The ways brands reach target consumers and the ways media companies monetize content have dramatically changed.

Now, more homes have a Connected TV than a cable box, online streaming is the main way the under 35 crowd consumes audio and more money is made through in-game purchases and advertising than from the sales of games themselves.

The technology, data, and talent required to win must also adapt. The term “streaming wars” is used to describe the frantic jockeying of major media and tech companies as they launch streaming services into battle, and the stakes could not be higher: hundreds of millions of subscribers and tens of billions of dollars.

Tru Optik's 2020 Streaming Media Advertising Guide is intended to help marketers, media companies, data providers and tech leaders break through the noise and misinformation that accompany major shifts in media and technology. We hope to increase understanding around core capabilities advertisers and publishers need to win in streaming media, share best practices, and be transparent about the real challenges facing the unprecedented shift to Over The Top TV, streaming audio, and gaming.

Readers will gain new insight into these topics and more:

  • What are the consumer trends for OTT, streaming audio and gaming?
  • What are the 2 keys to harnessing the power of OTT for advertising?
  • How to increase the reach of your targeted Connected TV campaigns by up to 2.5x?
  • How can I ensure my targeted streaming media ad initiatives are privacy compliant?